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Player unknown Battlefield

Great war.

Games that are taking online gaming by storm. PUBG is one of them, and one of the first. A mod that turned into a stand-alone game. However, the question is, is the game good? Is it worth the walk? Do users enjoy it? In my personal opinion, we have to go back to the beginning.

Getting Started

September 12, 2017. The day I purchased PUBG, though they had no access yet. I saw some friends playing, and every streamer ever played it. I thought, why not? It was $ 30, which is not cheap, but not terrible. From what I’ve heard, the developer was very active in development. So I bought

For a while, it was fun. I had a group of friends with whom I play squad and, being my first FPS on a PC, I learned to play with the keyboard and mouse. Of course, there were bugs here and hackers, but this is an early access game, you expect that right? Okay, okay.

Things were looking good. Updates were coming. Money was being made. Everyone in the world was waiting for the game to happen.


A year later, move on.

There are still problems. Too many problems.

It’s not as if the game wasn’t updated. They still push updates at all times and shut down the server twice a week for maintenance. It’s just … a conflict of interest, maybe?

The developers are really upset about the money, or so it seems. Also, with the sea of ​​war relay sports coming out, they are worried about staying relevant. The problem is, they aren’t really helping in any way.

It seems that the company is more about skins, maps, and weapons rather than fixing itself. Every performance update helps something, but two or three things break. For example, an update left my teammates and I was unable to join the match. Not Good.

And so, I’m tired. It’s fun, but I’m tired. You will have nights where everything is fine and you will enjoy it. After that, you’ll get nights where you shoot around the corner or lose battles that you clearly should have won. The replay system is still lagging behind so you can’t watch the replay again and can’t really see what happened.

In fact, at the beginning of the night, it’s like a toss-up as to whether the server is behind you or not. If it doesn’t, you lose a lot of five bites. If that happens, you win them. It’s crazy but it happens again and again.

Even with all the issues, and annoying me, I still have over 200 hours left in the game. Why? Because it’s fun. It’s a fun game when it works. The problem is that when you push to keep it in the sports tournament, the whole world sees that two players survived a grenade that exploded at their feet (yes, it did).

This is an argument. Because if you post about it, people say it’s your computer. All I can say is, I’ve played enough games to understand that it’s not my computer. If I can’t play a game with GTX 1080, I don’t want to play it.

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Find out what’s PUBG?

This gaming section has long been ruling by Tencent Pubs for more than a year, and today is a recent strategy that is likely to counter the popularity of Pubs. Activision’s Common Action Shooting Business Call is available today on mobile under the Call of Duty mobile. Arriving at such a Tencent game that took Pubg Mobile, it takes all the standard gameplay styles and styles of the game from the previous PC versions of the game and is still a great way to tackle many front-facing challenges. Great opportunity.

Mobile version of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, created by Tencent Games and previously published as Pubg Mobile. In fact, it is now easily accessible to Android in North America known in Taiwan. PUBG Mobile for Android got off to a soft start in Canada last week. It’s available for Google Entertainment, as long as you’re in Canada (or you can create the Google Play Store in Canada.) Robot Edition of Strategy Android 5.1.1 or higher and above. Contains at least 2GB of RAM, Contest List – Pubg Mobile Lite is its smallest variable

The well-known Pub Mobile is designed specifically for smartphones and tablets that are less than resourceful. It is compatible with most Android variants (4.0.3 or higher), and its weight is much smaller when more than that device will quickly capture the interesting realities of the player’s unknown battlefield. ۔ I’ve been running Pubg mobile for about four months today, and I had time to look at the rating structure of this Pubg mobile. Blue Hole Game Creator Gets Sibling Pub PC Edition Rating Idea Just a handful

People’s measurements look at the structure of this ranking, while others are scratching their heads. Before I get started, let’s focus on how PUBG Mobile’s matchmaking is built. Like any online multiplayer strategy, Pubg Mobile realizes that it has to meet blockchain, as is it’s a business partner on the battlefield. So, when you start playing, Play introduces you to a position-based organization. The play has eight titles. Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, gem, crest, star, and winner. These levels are available to everyone

Single-mode and computer in this play. Participants are known to rank the lowest in bronze and make places as they continue to perform in the highest number of matches. The difference between Fortunate and Pubbug is presented by the player’s first 30 minutes of competition. At PUBG Mobile, players sailed from a freight plane to the Russian mainland with a military base and a power station. At Fortnite Mobile, participants skydived out of a large toy-pulling car and prevented their fall from an umbrella or future glider.

PUBG has made this fight royal style in the world of mobile games. Ever since PUBG Mobile, the arms-dispersed representation of more than 100 real-life participants, the idea of ​​defending it has appealed to the big crowd and attracted more and more people to the sports world. The thought of the call off work has its own twist, which will make it something different from what we are accustomed to at PUBG Mobile.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Pub Mobile game that you want in the beginning-of-the-line, that were just represented in the PC edition of Pubg Play Description Ever since the launch of the animated version of Pubg Strategy, it has sparked a warm welcome from fans of Pubg Game. Still, it is known as good news because it will play the game online anywhere favorite. The player-known battlefield, known as the Pub, is all the rage among the gambling group and has destroyed many records over the past year. Free on Android and Ios

PUBG Mobile is especially noted for its high performance and improvement for all kinds of smartphones and tablets. However, the emphasis on mobile lacks the Le Con compatible player number for all versions. The purpose of this game is to overcome the battlefield without defeat and the last player who stands to succeed is PUBG Mobile, a multiplayer online activity that contains a large amount of all possible unlockings at the same time, Developers seek a new number of results

While retaining the essential components of a more prominent college. You even have to push real players on big cards, while building different castles and separate structures. The visual approach is different from PUBG Mobile, and at the end of the settlement, there may be some fluctuations of different types of weapons in a strange fashion, as well as all the elements, competitors, and targets that are executed in strange behavior. Work Mobile’s Pubg Mobile and Telephone both have an impressively comprehensive list of ammunition for information.