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What is Pubg? Who Mode Meaning Corporation Owner Wikipedia

What is Pubg? Who is the owner of the corporation Wikipedia?

Player unknown battlefield

Battle Royal.

Games that are taking online gaming by storm. PUBG MOBILE is one of them, and one of the first. A mod that turned into a stand-alone game. However, the question is, is the game good? Is it worth the walk? Do users enjoy it? In my personal opinion, we have to start again.


September 12, 2017. The day I purchased PUBG, Mobile though they had no access yet. I saw some friends playing, & every streamer ever played it. I thought, why not? It was $ 30, which is not cheap, but not terrible. From what I’ve heard, the developers was very active in development. So I bought

For a while, it was fun. I had a group of friends that I wanted to play with, being my first FPS on a PC, I learned to play with the keyboard and mouse. Of course, there were bugs here and hackers, but this is an early access game, you would expect, right? Okay, okay.

Things were looking good. The latest news was coming. The money was being made. Everyone in the world was waiting for the game to happen.


A year later, move on.

There are still problems. Too many problems.

It’s not as if the game wasn’t updated. They still push updates at all times and shutdown the server twice a week for maintenance. It could just be … a conflict of interest, right?

The developers are really upset about the money, or so it seems. Also, as the sea of ​​war goes out, they are worried about staying relevant. The problem is, they aren’t really helping in any way.

This company seems to be more about skins, maps, and weapons than its fixing. Every performance update helps something but two or three things break down. For example, an update left my friends and be unable to join the match. Not good

And so, I’m tired. It’s fun, but I’m tired. You will have nights where everything is fine and you will enjoy it. Then, you’ll have days where you should be shot around the corner or lose the battle that you clearly should have won. The replay system is still bad enough that you can’t see and see what happened while watching.

In fact, at the beginning of the night, it’s like a toss-up. If it doesn’t, you lose a lot of five bites. If that happens, you win them. It’s crazy but it happens again and again.

Even with all the issues, and annoying me, I still have over 200 hours left in-game. Why? Because it’s fun. When it works, it’s a fun game. The problem is that when you put pressure on your sports tournaments, the whole world sees a grenade that exploded on their feet (yes, it did).

This is an argument. Because if you post it, people say it’s your computer. All I can say is, I’ve played enough games to understand that it’s not my computer. If I can’t play a game with GTX 1080, I don’t want to play it.

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