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Pubg Mobile Update

PUBLIC: How To Update Pub Mobile? How to retain your PUBG mobile updates on iOS and Android
Our guide to updating PUBG Mobile will help you update this app on both iOS and Android devices.

mobile has definitely closed, many preferably portable versions of the main game on PC and One X-One. All this is also a good reason. It is officially licensed, operates smoothly and offers almost everything that is presented to the original.

Essentially, it’s public but low in mobile format. Its publisher Tencent really went to the city when this game comes to keep the rabbit, to keep the latest things with seasons and the latest things.

Mobile devices can be hit and missed for a long time when your apps or Android phones are not aware of the tablet or other internal tasks.

To erase all the sad times, we are submitting a guide below to update you to the PUBG mobile on iOS and Android so that you can get all the important content you have to download. Maybe.

When you’re doing here, make sure you read through our extensive publication guide as well as everything in our public mobile guide you need to know about the version of the game. Is.

Update – March 20, 2019 – This is also the debut of Pub Mobile’s first birthday and season 6! This means that updates will be downloaded for you and a full host of new content to drown your teeth.

To make sure that you have done new to PUBG mobile, make sure that the Pubg season will go up to 6 patch notification pages.

How to update the PUBG mobile
First of all, it is important that you always update your devices to avoid any hiccups in the latest firmware version. iOS

Manual updates

Go to your device’s home screen and tap on the App Store icon.
Select the updated icon in the corner of the screen.
Tap all the buttons updated at the top of the screen.
Enter your password, and click “Yes” on any alert that needs to be updated for specific apps.
Automatically download

Tap Settings, then your name and then on iTunes and App Store page.
Select PUBG Mobile to automatically enable downloading.
Once this happens, the PUBG mobile will automatically download updates when the new one will be available.
You can turn on or off automatic downloads by selecting the “Use cellular data” option.

Manual updates

Open the Google Play Store app.
Tap the menu icon after my icon and game.
With the update available, apps will be labeled with “update.”
If it’s a matter of matter with PUBG mobile, tap “Update All” or simply tap and specifically click “Update”.
Automatic update

Open the Google Play Store app.
Tap the menu icon after my icon and game.
Select Pub Mobile
Tap “more” (three-point marks).
Check the box next to “Auto Update.”
When the update is available, the PUBG mobile will automatically update. Just check the box to disable this feature.
Still not updated?

If you have tried everything and PUBG mobile, the latest version is not being updated yet, we will recommend uninstalling your PUBG mobile from your device and install it again. In this way, you will end up with a completely fresh version of the game and you should not face any previous issues.

Of course, make sure your mobile firmware is fully updated. It can minimize things that can ruin your apps’ running path, or are updated.

This is to review our PUBG Mobile Update Guide, but we will continue to monitor both iOS and Android to ensure that all of this information on this page still works as a job!

Pub Mobile Season 8 brings re-converted UI, whose company’s claim is more intuitive and fascinating.
Pub-Mobile Update: 0.13.5 Tensen Games have released the update of the PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 with the new Season 8 Royale Pass. The update is available on iOS and Android, is the download size of 181MB in the iOS version, while downloading the size of 158MB in the Android version. The update brings in new features HDR mode, a sea theme and more. It also includes several UI changes and bug fixes.

Updates will be on Android and iOS on July 16. The company has announced that all players who update their respective store games before July 22 will get free parachute trail 1 fast and 1,888 war points (BP) awards.

With this update, the PUBG Mobile iOS Background Download and Update feature have been live. It allows iOS users to send a background request while downloading new patch updates. This feature is already available on Android.

HDR has a new high-frame-rate option for selected high-end devices, which will enable users to improve better graphics while playing games. The company also included the fifth-symmetrical gun (SMG) of the PP-19 game, which uses 9 mm round. The new SMG players will be available to take and use the map of Ergen and Walk down. This gun is the loss rate of a 35 shot, which is like UMP and a non-upgraded 53-round magazine.

The second new features include the introduction of the new 4V4 deathmatch mode of third person’s viewpoint (TPP), new rating security card and new PMO Taiwan events, which will be available after this month.

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Pub Mobile Season 8 brings re-converted UI, whose company’s claim is more intuitive and fascinating. The classic mode results of the screen have been adjusted to showcase the screen and tire changes. New session 8 rewards have been included, including Season 8 organization, Gold-special weapon end diamonds, special effects in the team, and title tag on Taj Tire and permanent season titles in Aki Tire. All the rewards at the end of the season will be automatically sent to the players.

Because of the system algorithm update, people will have a great impact on ranking yet, resulting in the weight of killer points. Now, all the customers who are below the gold will move to the next season as it does not matter. Another feature has been introduced that apart from an elite pass or elite pass, friends are requested from the shopping pass page.


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Bug fixes include a fix for a problem that should not pop up the reward notification, does not get the change in the weather name, bad rating, and level, and the team’s deathmatch mode, not avatars team teams.

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Improvements include including item enhancement for BP shops, UC purchase bonuses and rewards have been updated, title visual effects have improved, now mystical organizations are now ready to develop weapons, united create The name is properly displayed with visual effects and bonuses. The results of the challenge will now be counted in real-time.

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