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Pubg Mobile Tournament

Pubg Mobile Tournament Multiple ways to participate in a PubGM tournament, and the rewards scale and the number of contestants will vary.

Sponsor tournament with a big company like App
3. Individuals start with different towers or gadgets

4. Someone or the custom room code will be left in the Pubg channel, you can attend if you look for a quick search.

5. There are also many websites where you can sign up for free tournaments, solo, duo, squad, and advanced custom room tournaments and free YCY Davies.

6. Some relevant apps will conduct regular tournaments as consumers and gifts sports items or UC rewards. I know one: Wigm for PubG Mobile

If you download and check it in Google Play.
Pub Tournament ALERT

One and only one pug tournament introduced where all the rewards are going to get

source link Pubg Mobile Tournaments

source link Playerunknown’s battleground

Match type

TPP Solo

Map: – Orange

Date: 18 April 2019

Time: – 9:30 PM

Entrance fee: – 35

On payment of money

First prize: –  20x number of murders

Second Prize: –  15x Murder

Third Prize: –  12x Murder

4th to 10th prize: –  10x killings

10 to 25th: –  8x killings

After 26th: –  5 per murder

Registration via WhatsApp is open

Payment method

PTM: – 9649080446

Google Salary: – 9649080446

WhatsApp 9649080446 for any query text

Slots will be subscribed to the registration

Event and password will be provided 15 hours before the event


How can I attend PUBG tournaments?

TopSupported platforms running a PUBG mobile tournament.

Web sites

The PubgWarField PUBG Mobile Tournament is a real Esport website. It also has different features like Invitations and Bonuses.
Good user interface.

The free tournament paid tournaments for the cash prize.

Bonus amount on registration.

Bonus levels for players.

Every time, monthly leader board.

Monthly bonus for top players.

Automatic result verification

User actions and notifications for warnings.

Invitation to play tournaments with friends.

Discussions on every tournament with comments.

Chat online directly with the administrator.

Details of the game update notifications and email alerts for the right users.

Play the game for every match game.

Finding a fair game.

View good profile with profile profile

Walt Option

Documentation Usage


The SPP platform for the Tournament organizer, they tour in PGG as well as video games.

The main features of the Tournament Web site:

Support organizers to hold the tournament.

It supports many games to make the tournament (Former Pubg Mobile, Fortnight, Clash Royale, etc.).

Free tournament and paid tournament available.

The Google Form and WhatsApp Group for the registered process.

The payment screenshot needs to be submitted after the payment is completed.

Update game details in WhatsApp.

A screenshot is required to submit a reward claim.


Gamers Area

The Gamerz area is an Esports Android application held PUBG Mobile Tournament. It references and earns various features.

The main features of the GamerzArea app:

Good Navigation and User Interface.

Refer and earn.

Comfortable and participating tournaments.

App notification only

Walt System

· WhatsApp is involved in contacting the administrator.

Dream winner

Dream Winner is an Esports Android application to hold public mobile tournaments. This is a good user interface.

DreamWinner App Key Features:

Good Navigation and User Interface.

· Easy to use the vault.

Comfortable and participating tournaments.

Direct notifications to users

Users need to request an administrator to get help.

POC stands for opening the PUBG Mobile Club.

Pub Mobile is hosting a tournament in a 2-phase. The first step is about to end. It’s a bit old and it’s too long to move the trick. That’s why I’ll leave a link so you can read about it later.

The tournament focuses on Pro players at this time. It’s like a PUBG mobile star challenge but a very much scale. Do not mention the $ 2 million prize pool !!

Pubg Mobile Open Club

All you need to know about the Pub Mobile Club Open 2019, the largest mobile gaming tournament in the world, continues this year.

Pubg Mobile Club

Open the Pub Mobile Mobile 2019
After the successful end of the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 and the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Tournament 2018, the Chinese company Tencent Games has announced the largest mobile gaming tournament at the global level. The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 is a full-year event, which is divided into Spring Split and False Split, each Global Final and a separate prize pool.


Pubg Mobile Club Open

Registration period
201 9-03-08 03:00 (UTC) – 201 9-03-18 22:00 (UTC)

Spring distribution will start online qualifying round (starting challenge) from March 22 to March 31, 2019. This regional group will be round (32 staff), which will run from April 26 to May 5, 2019. , And then regional semifinal (24 staff) from May 10 to May 1. Regional finals will start from May 20 to June 14, and then the Spring Split Global Final will start on July 2019.


Registration for the autumn will start August (official website), after the qualifying round and regional group round (32 staff) online in the same month. Regional Semi-Finals (24 staff) will start in October and healing in the semi-final (16 staff) in November. Field Split will take a global final on December 2019.
Registration for China, Japan and Korea will be announced later on the official website. If you are from Japan, Korea, and China, do not register at this site at this time.

Pubg Mobile Tournament

Registration rules of the land
A player should keep in mind before registration.

Player Age: To qualify for participating in the Pub-mobile tournament as a player, before the start of the tournament, the country’s population area has to reach the majority of the population and according to the applicable age for the public Must be according to the standards. The mobile phone installed by the Apple Store where the game downloaded the game. If a player is under this age and he is under the age of 16 during the start of the tournament, he may enter the tournament if he rules for the tournament rules and registration rules and other qualifications in parents The legal defender accepts the rules of registration for those contest rules for players, and the volunteer form provided by the tournament organizer consent to the participation of the player in the tournament. Gives.

Rating Needs: All players on the team roller ranked “platinum” or top of Pub-mobile in either mode (TPP or FPP) at any time of the Pub Mobile Club Open 2019 registration.

Regional needs: Pub Mobile Club is an international tournament (Global Final), which will compete with the title of the World Championship from different geographical areas. At the top of each area, 15 teams, with a wild card space
Winners will participate in the Split Global Final (offline). To compete in the global competition and to promote the regional identity of the teams, to encourage regional
Identity fan and sponsors are very important, every team needs to be maintained
Every time the club is open, there are team home-based residents, not less than three players.

Team area: Team team’s home area is identified by the team during the registration, and at any time during the Open Club, club open officials can not be converted without prior written approval.
Residential explanation: A player is considered a “residential” if law lord in the player’s area is a permanent resident.
Resignation certification: All players will confirm their residence before participating in any live lane event.
The club’s open authorities have reserved the right to apply for legal evidence to comply with the age, residence or other qualification requirements of a player.
Refrigeration proof: A player can prove to have permanent stability permanently with identification documents issued by the government agencies of the region (for instance driver’s license, passport, national identity card) or a valid residence visa (i.e. visa work, Visa, visa, visa), student visa). Competitive teams for Global Finals will need to provide passport information to verify the travel of global finals.
In addition, there are some other rules that need to be followed.

Must be in at least one area in comparison to 3 players in which they are registered.
No router has been changed after registration.
Cruise Roasters does not have to be an alternative player to players than at least 4 players and 5 players.
Sub-equipments between the players can change.
The result of qualifying round results will be based on your results. So make sure you successfully enter the registration after completing the registration.
Set a crown lead for all tournaments. All games will be in the TPP squad mode.
The cruise will be a winner for the 2017 Spring Global Final.
Players can only participate in the tournament (in both online and offline events) on mobile phone handheld devices. Players can not run on tablets, PCs, consoles, laptops, or any non-handheld device