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Pubg Mobile Tips

Pubg Mobile Tips PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – or PUBG is known by fans – is finally available on mobile. PC, Xbox One, and now Android and iOS strike may probably be lost in the ‘Great War Royal War’, some epic games ‘fortnight’ could be lost, but the sandbox game in the game Sitting at the top of the game. Download millions

For those in the game, you should know that the first thing is that Pubg is about living for a maximum of 100 people or in a vital way as a team. Even though you are a kind of player who likes to catch the best weapons that can make you hungry and find all the guns, or you want to get out of the pitch, some gameplay Are the main features that apply to each that enter the battlefield.
In this guide, you will find some of the essential PUBG mobile tips and tricks that will offer you before packs and will help you to eat these sweet, sweet chicken foods.



Choose the ground very carefully
A game of PUBG may be up to half an hour or if things get incorrectly wrong, all this may end in seconds. Initially, an exit route is by mistake of your initial landing space, so it is the first of our list of PUBG mobile tips and tricks.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to aim for the best spot in the game map on which you are playing and avoid as many other players as possible. In some specific areas, regular weapons and coaches such as military base, power plant, or large cities in the original map are spawned regularly, but it is believed that other weather players will be there.
Once you get out of the cargo plane, stay in a place for other players swarms and keep an eye to avoid these areas like eyes. Likewise, you can not freely freely freely freely in the safe area, preferential buildings with some of the buildings, and there to move ahead. The buildings will be shown on white maps as white blocks, so make sure you live in the right direction.

If you can not see anyone, you can always open the beginning and coast of your parachute on a decent landing zone. Just keep in mind that you spend every second in the sky, there is a second, your opponents will use it to get looted.

The first rob, shoot later
I have to re-emphasize it for the last time if you die in PUBG, you are dead. In Solo Games, there is no other possibility, and in squad, you will be able to risk your team’s risk in danger if you are rotating down quickly.

Once you hit the destination, your first priority is that you will not get caught in an initial conflict. You will eat rocks scattered around the buildings and supply cravat drops. Later, the most wanted weapons contain an extraordinary powerful MMM Sniper Rifles but remember you will not just be able to catch rescue equipment.

Pubg Mobile

In the early stages, the most important weapon is a half-decent weapon, ammo, and some reasonable weapons as well as a bag upgrade (up to 3 levels), so you get a better place for gear as you start searching. Any gun is better than your fist or legendary PUBG ferry pan, so hold any nearby fireworks involved in a fast.

The Army is also important, so you can get more out of FireFight. As a bag, the head and body coach is ranked 1 to 3, but the 3-level coach is quite rare. Purpose for at least 2 km before selecting a scrap or at least 2 km.

Health items are also a priority. First aid kits are the priority, but restrictions, paint drillers, and all the paws will help. After the number of players decreases, throwing things like Grands will become more important as an aggressive or annoying tool, but if you come to an explosive group, the explosive material Surprised to throw a surprise

Each new circle will show your map as a white view, so if you see your map, you’ll always know where to go next. There is no need to hurry in the beginning phase, but in the end, you are trying to clear other players who are also working with it while trying to avoid death. You should always try to stay on the cover, but if you need to move, quickly and with purpose.

The mini-map also has a sleeve of sleeves, which you need to see the fire indicator. If you listen to the fire around you, then the map looks instantly on the map, and it will show where it is coming from.

Wheels are better than legs
Need to get somewhere soon? Then you need my car.

Vehicles are trapped around the game maps, but you will usually find them in big cities and main roads.

Unfortunately, when going to many cars, 99 other players also have to find behind the wheel possibly, so be sure it’s safe before it’s close.

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Motorcycles and bicycles are very good to zip in the next game area but you will be left exposed relatively. Large cars like jeep will accelerate, but it is great to protect four players with a good amount.

PUBG mobile touchscreen controls can have a little better for a little while, so you can imagine how difficult it is to kill the opponent when they are driving you directly. However, you have to thank the engine of these loud voices.
Hide and square

The Pub game almost always ends with a small group of fighters who lie around the angel and hope that someone else sticks their head first. The person usually gets instant, on the go, make sure that you do not.

PUBG is an important interference to completely disturbing, so much of it has its own dedicated button. However, this double sword is also a sword, though you will get a good background and accuracy and will usually hide a little more, movement is almost unavailable.

If you get back after your stay on your chest, you’re definitely going to die after being dead – especially if you are looking at the same time. Before you hit the floor, keep your mini-maps and your surroundings around, and when you are lying lies fearing your opponents.

When open openings, stones, and shelves may be a very safe alternative to the buildings. The pipe that does not tell you is that you can actually stumble around the edge of the cover without exposing your lower thumb, but to do so you’ll have to make a quick trip to the Settings> Main menu.
Pack and fire to easily “activate” and you will be able to sync around the corners. Keep in mind that when you do so, you are far more than dislike this, because your head passes with you, but you have to be a target.

A final point on the control: if you need, remote the button. There are three presets for both general and vehicle controls to choose from, but if you can kill them by moving the custom option. You can move your choice around every aspect of the HUD, increase the size of the button, and change the icon transparency, and if you’re dirty, you can do everything as default. Can set

Talk with your teams
The pub can be very single when you are standing alone in any area, just looking for a strike. This is a key to the strategic or continuous communication of the game for all the changes in the pair or group.

Distributing data is far more secure.

To change almost every aspect of the PGG in cooperation, selecting a place on the ground, making decisions that rob, take a target or even ride a shotgun in a car. Distributing data is far more secure, but in the same way, you will have to stop spending time from time to time with your allies and retain vent points.

Thank you, PUBG Mobile supports local sound chat using your device’s speakers and microphone, though you’ll need to enable Settings> Audio later. You can also choose your language so that you can communicate effectively with your squad.

Alternatively, if you have some friends, you can always use sound and chat apps like disorder. If you’re perfect enough, make sure you use at least the built-in game built-in quick chat feature. This allows you to send messages like “forward messages” or “enemies ahead” on a button’s tap.

Learn your maps

While most of the Pub-mobile maps are more familiar with Pub’s fans, it is important to learn weapons and item spa in each map so that you can maximize the chance of winning. It should not only affect you on your landing space but also wherever you move the development of the match.

It is still important to know your maps that Miramar, Sanhak, and the newly added snow map Vikondi all are included in the game. In the case of Weekend, there are some additional features on the map like cloud mobile.

You will be able to learn the best-known places as a game, but you can quickly learn by limiting the map in the pool by unchecking them before you start a match. Do this and you’ll be special at all times.

Get extra rewards with Royale Pass
Unlike previous PUBG mobile tips, it will not help you win any games. With the release of PUBG Mobile Update 0.6.0, the game features Royale pass like a Fortnite-like with load loads to unlock as you move ranks.

The Fountains of Warfare are much higher, the main version of the Relay Pass is free, while Elite Ralee has the premium currency of the game, the UK applies. There is also an expensive version (Elite Pass Plus), which is instantly offered 25 rows and a few other delights.

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Rewards will not promote you in the game, but they will surely get some style points with new outfits and other cosmetic items. You can also get a faster reward for experience and a BP card, you can get one or a flat bonus to take new cosmetics in the store.

Run-on the emulator
It may sound like cheating, but Pubg publicity is a mobile PC emulator that was released in 2018. Pubg Games is the name, and it provides the same experience as the mobile version, besides the mouse and the keyboard.
Sure, you can play the original PC version of PUBG at this time, but emulators have many advantages.

First of all, it’s free. Despite the success of the Model model free of charge, PUBG is still a paid game. Emoticator operates PUBG mobile Tips, which is always free.

Since it’s the same game, the cross-platform game is enabled by default. You can play with your favorite smartphone friends, but be aware that the entire team will be able to get against other dynamic players. It makes major harm to mobile users.

The last thing that is Tencent Gingerbread is PUBG accessible. Pub mobile operator runs on very powerful machines compared to the incredibly poorly optimized game of Bluetooth. Try it if you want to get a new look at the war wild tight you like.

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