Pubg Mobile New Update

PUBG Mobile New update Includes System Machine Gun And Plenty More

Pubg Mobile New Update
Pubg Mobile New Update


Pubg Mobile New Update In July We Received Pubg For Mobile, And Now That Is Spread By A Month, Yet Another Update For Time. The Version Number Will Be Kept In The Box And The Update Is Not Yet In The Us, It Should Go To The Ground Until The End Of The Day On The Game Store. This Version Also Begins To Update Session 8, Next Day Or Two, Although You Are Interested In The Majority Of The Upcoming 5 Versions, Then Click On The More Button To Check It. Exclude These Details Completely.

Pubg Mobile New Update

Pubg Mobile 0,13,5 Will Be Ground (7.16) At Any Time Before The End Of The Day, So You Can Imagine What Changes Can Be Made Whenever It Expects. Most Especially The Weather System Has Been Presented To Present A More Intuitive Interface, With Classification And Level Change In The Classical Model. A Fifth Of The Game Will Be The Summit Gun, A Pp-1 Araleel And Weekend, And The Tpp Team Has A New Room Mode. Of Course, The Weather Can Start In The Next Few Days At 8 O’Clock, And There Is No Shortfall For Future Planning, But If You Want Your Custom Customized, I Put It Down. It’S A Shadow.

What Is New:

New Weapon: Pp. 19

Game 5 Summit Gun. 9 Mm Ammunition. Drop-In Ariel & Curvy
The Pp-19 53 Round Is A 9-Meter Sub-Machine Gun With A Satisfactory Monitoring Magazine, But It Does Not Support The Magazine’S Upgrade, So The Ability Can Not Be Encouraged.

– Weapons Can Be Attached To Scoop And Beads, And The Red Dot Knight Or All Hologram Scopes Can Be Grounded Up To Ground 6X, And All The Rotating Items Are Available For All Manchester Bunts.

There Is 35 Single-Shot Loss In Pp-1 And Fire Rate Like A Ump. During The Initial Game, Its Default Magazine’S Size Provides A Complete Advantage Of Kate’S Weapons. These Advantages Are Worth A Little Bit Of Performance In The Match Later.

2. The Tp Team Match Is Included In The Room Mode.

3. Ios Background Download And Update Feature Have Been Added. Download A New Patch, Ios Player Can Now Send To The App (Will Update To Update The Ice Shop).

4. New Classification Card With Rating Card (Duration) And Rating Protection (Use), Will Rate Impact Changes. The Card Is Activated On No Rating Deduction Crown Applies Only To Crown Or Only.

5. Higher Hd Order Mode For High Order Has Been Included In The High-Arranged Rate Option, Enable The Value Of Life Included Even Better Graphics, Settings Can Be Configured In This Setting.

6. Pmoo-C-Supported Events Are Coming At The End Of July. After Completing The Mission, Player Allen Walker Can Hear The New Song And Get The Main Menu For The Pmco Theme.

Weather Change

1. Season System Upgrades
– The Weather Interface Has Been Reverted To More Intuitive.
The Classic Mode Results Screen Has Been Adjusted. Screen Ratings And Tire Changes Are Now More Visible.
Season 8 Rewards Have Been Adjusted. The Whole Season 8 Organization Is Now Available To Reach Gold Tire. The Diamond-Level Season Will Be Exclusively Eliminated.
Tier Rewards Have Been Adjusted. Special Team – Reach The Crown Or Top To Get The Effect Of Joining And Getting The Name Tag. I’M Sorry To Hear From You. Please Reply To The Message Below.
The Rewards Will Now Be Automatically Sent To Players At The End Of The Season.
At The Beginning Of Every Season, The Players Can Learn More Detailed Changes From The Previous Season.
– The Ranking System Algorithm Has Slightly Increased The Weight Of The Default Points, So It Will Result In A Major Impact On The Tire.
The Tire Transfer Rules Have Been Revised. Starting From Season 8, Tights Are Moved To Gold In The Next Season.
Tire Transmission Messages Have Been Polished. Ranked Reset Information For All Servers Will Be Displayed In A Message, And The Level Of Transfer Will Be Described On The Website (Link Will Be Included In The Message).
Tire Promotion Remedies Have Been Adjusted. Division Promotions Will Not Be Displayed In Any Way Within The Lobby. Tire Promotions Will Get A Very Unusual Reminder.
Tire Icon Visuals Have Been Improved.

Royale Pass New Seaside Sea Equipment And Accessories Are Waiting For The Players At Season 8 Relay Pass!
New Friend’S Property Request: On The Elite Pass Purchase Page, Players Can Call Their Friends For Elite Pass Or Elite Pass Pass Plus.
To Celebrate Royale Pass’S First Birthday, Season 2 And Season 3 Are Going To Get Some Things Back. Players Can Get Extraordinary Items In Rental Rewards And Get Rid Of Charts.
Display Effects On The Reward Screen, Mission Screen, Bug Fixes
1. Daily Mission At Rf’S Mission For Reward Does Not Show The Issue Of Reward Information.

Royale Pass Season 8 And More Graphics New Versions Of Mobile Phones In The Time For Updating

Blockbuster Mobile Game Includes New Third-Person Vision Team Deathmatch Mode For Ios And Android

Los Angeles – July 17, 201 9 – Tentin Games And Pubg Corporation Announced Today The Update Of

0.13.5 Content For The Playground Ground’S Mobile Phone (Pubg Mobile). As An Important Part Of The Update, Players Can Now Compete With The New Pp-1 Submachine Guns. Additional Features, Team Deathmatch Mode Updates, And Other Adaptation Is Also Part Of The App Available On The App Store And Google Play.

0.13.5 Complete Details For Content Updates Are Included:

Pp-1 Submachine Guns – Pub-Mobile’S Latest Addition To The Deadly Weapon’S Time Comes To The Relay Pass Session 8. Players Can Now Fully Experience 53 Strong-Powered Magazine’S Powerful Force, Which Is Full Of 9 Mm Ammunition.

Third Person’S View (Tpp) Mode – Only One Month After The Blockbuster Success Of Pub-Mobile Team Mochichich Mode, Now Players Can Experience High-Speed Action In The Third Person’S Perspective;

Royale Pass Season 8 – In This Summer, Pubg Exits In The Ocean For An Extraordinary Sea Season Filled With The Illegal And Competitive Lost Treasures Of The Ocean Sea;

Advanced System Upgrades – Today’S Player Subscribers Can Experience The Weather Interface Designed For More Shopping, As Well As Bb Shopping, Title Effects, Crate Names, And Maximum Updates And Fixes.

In Addition To Today’S Visit To Fresh Material, Tencent Sports And Pubg Corporation Show The Role Of New Summer Events For Pubg Mobile Players And Partners. A Community Of Members Of The Community Can Be Celebrated With More Interesting Content And Valuable Rewards.

More Summer Events Will Be Coming Soon, Which Includes Upcoming Allen Walker X Pub Mobile Song And Sports Game Skins. The Beep X Public Mobile Will Also Return To This Refund, Which Will Include Store Items In All-New Sports In August.

The Publisher Is Available To Download For Free On The Mobile Apple Store And Google Play.

About Pbg Mobile

The Publisher Is Based On The Mobile Player Nail Batteries, The Trend Which Took Place In The Storm Of The Interactive Entertainment World By The Storm In 2018. More Than 100 Players Parachute Take On A Remote Island To Fight In A Winner. Players Have To Find And Face Their Own Weapons, Vehicles, And Equipment, And Defeat Every Player In A Field Of Ideological And Tactical Rich War That Gives Players The Power In The Sports Zones That Strike.

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